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Jackie Goldstein

Jackie Goldstein

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Jackie est le gestionnaire principal du contenu chez, il est responsable de la gestion, de la mise en forme et du développement de contenus de qualité pour le site. Ses antécédents professionnels incluent du développement de sites et de logiciels, et du marketing en ligne (avec SEO, PPC, CPA? etc.)
When You Need the Fastest Guaranteed Internet Access For Your Servers – Tereza Hubkova of

While there are hundreds of hosting companies offering a variety of services and options, most of them focus on clients who do not require more than 1Gbps connections. That’s where is different - they are one of the few hosting companies who are able to offer a stable, unshared 10Gbps or more connection to the Internet. Who are the companies that require such guaranteed bandwidth and how does support them? Read our interview with Tereza Hubkova of

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