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Data Centers

Васильев Дмитрий

Avis épinglé

Васильев Дмитрий,
Нужен был сервер для использования в качестве веб сервера для статики
+ в качестве прокси
+ имеющий белый IP адрес для организации доступа к домашнему серверу за NAT
Купил самый дешевый вариант - в...Lire la suiteсе работает очень четко.
Скорость не ахти какая, но для текстовой консоли более чем достаточно.
20 гб. места на диске тоже хватает для всех моих задач.
За полгода использования никаких проблем с доступностью сервера не было.

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Raphael Chriqui

Technicaly broken, and incompetent

I tried, to reserver a PEC email, and after 2 weeks, it wasn't validated even tho the payment was done, and we didn't receive any update.
We contacted the support about it, and they asked us to re-fill our order on a PDF, after d...Lire la suiteoing this they asked us additional information and private documents, 3 days forward, i receive this direct email (not using the ticketing service we have been using before that):

From: 'Aruba PEC' via ~redacted~
Date: Wed, Sep 1, 2021
Subject: Casella PEC non disponibile

Casella PEC non disponibile

This is supposed to be a professional service...
And the domain is still in "activation" on our account so this make absolutely no sens.
waaday Khan
waaday Khan depuis Pakistan,

Bad customer services

i am using ARUBA CLOUD since 2017 as VPS customer and i found that if i got the problem then their will be no one who can provide you customer care. there is always lack of interest for the existing customers as i have a issue tha...Lire la suitet the dashboard of VPS is not showing server since 100 hours and nobody resolve this
and i am trying to upgrade the service from centos7 to centos8 and my managed server is not be able to restart or even set to be off

reporting this problem i got first response after 60-65 hours and than after this i am waiting to get any other response about my problem
Lucie Perce
Lucie Perce depuis France,

A fuir

25 ans d'administration de serveur, et mon pire choix de carrière.
Une vraie cata, n'apporte rien en terme de qualité de service. Sur le papier nous pensons que si, mais c'est qu'un mirage.
Les réponses techniques sont floues, s...Lire la suiteans qualité de service, et c'est un peu débrouillez en cas de problème.
Bref, à fuir...
Pippo Messina
Pippo Messina depuis Italie,

Server Dedicati

Sono cliente Aruba da 10 anni.
Ho spesso + di 100.000 euro per i loro servizi.
Il giorno prima della scadenze del contratto chiedo il rinnovo e cosa assurda mi mandano il rinnovo incrementato di quasi il 20%.
Quindi costretto a...Lire la suited accetare il prezzo non si può in un giorno migrare più di 10 Server.
Mai capitato in 10 anni..... che dire siamo veramente alla frutta.
evald ibrahimi
evald ibrahimi,
Stessa cosa e' successo per il cloud pro. Sono dei buffoni. Migrare migrare migrare...
Steven Harwood
Steven Harwood depuis Royaume-Uni,

Cheap but avoid at all costs

Tempting price but zero support for when things go wrong (which they inevitably will with a buggy interface).

We've lost access through the control panel to two servers hosted with Aruba. We are still being charged for these se...Lire la suitervers but technical support tickets are marked as 'rejected' by them without any response or help on the matter.

Do not put any sensitive or data you can't afford to lose on their machines and, if you must use them, then only top up with the minimum amount.

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EASY Illimité Illimité 1 19,99 € 4.6 Détails
ADVANCED Illimité Illimité 1 29,99 € 4.0 Détails
PROFESSIONAL Illimité Illimité 1 150,00 € 2.7 Détails

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