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Service Marge de prix
Hébergement partagé 18,53 € - 185,75 € Voir les plans
Serveur dédié 636,37 € - 1 857,07 € Voir les plans
Les services et les prix sont tirés du

Avis d'expert sur FLV Hosting 2017

Rédigé par: Michael Lavnduski

Note de FLV Hosting

  • Fiabilité
    6.5 / 10
  • Tarif
    8 / 10
  • Convivial
    8 / 10
  • Support
    7 / 10
  • Caractéristiques
    7 / 10
Noté par Michael Lavnduski
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Hosting provider and video delivery company

FLV Hosting provides website hosting services, but their main focus is on video delivery systems.  This means you can use them to host any type of videos that you need and then display them on yoru website or share them with other people.  The company has been in business since 1999 and has been helping their clients with all their online video needs.  They help companies of all sizes and reportedly work with clients in 30 countries.

Uptime & Reliability


Issues with Reliability

I have been trying to visit this page for a while now and they have always been either very slow to load, or the site was completely down.  This is never a good sign for a hosting company.  It is possible that I just caught them at a time when they were having issues, but it is still a major concern.



Features focused on video streaming and serving

The vast majority of this company is focused on streaming video.  All the features they have discuss things like sending video to iPhone apps, streaming concerts and more.  The bottom line is, this company is really only going to be for you if you need a hosting provider for video streaming and serving.  If that is what you're looking for, this is a great option to consider.  If not, you definitely don't want to choose them.



Not much support information available

They don't really provide very much information about their support teams or how to get in touch with them.  Presumably they would let you know when you sign up, but it would be nice if they would have put a little more information up on their site too.



Difficult do Judge Pricing

It is really hard to say whether this company is cheap or expensive since all their hosting features are focused on the video streaming, which is much different than traditional web hosting.  You can get their entry level streaming for just $19.95 per month, and their highest end for $199.95.  This seems a little high for the features that they are listing, but that is likely because of the fact that video streaming takes up a lot of system resources.


Nice option for video hosting

If you just want online video hosting, this is one of the most well-established options on the net today.  If you're looking for traditional web hosting, on the other hand, you want to keep on looking because this is not the company for you.


  • Very well-established company
  • Good reputation for video hosting


  • Everything is about video hosting
  • Not for traditional websites
Visitez FLV Hosting Voir les plans et les prix

Prix , plans et caractéristiques de FLV Hosting - 2017

Plans d'hébergement partagé

Nom du plan Espace Bande passante Prix
Starter 5 GB 50 TB 18,53 €
Standard 10 GB 100 TB 46,40 €
Small Biz 80 GB 1000 TB 92,85 €
Corporate 100 GB 3 TB 185,75 €

Plans de serveur dédié

Nom du plan Espace CPU RAM SE Prix
Standard Intel 680 GB 4 x 3GHz 4 GB 636,37 €
Silver Intel 680 GB - 4 GB 822,17 €
Gold Intel 2 TB - 4 GB 881,62 €
Platinum Intel 2 TB - 8 GB 1 206,77 €
Diamond Intel 2 TB - 8 GB 1 857,07 €

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