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Bill Gee

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Bill Gee,
I started working with Emil the owner of Harubik in 2013 and stuck with Carpathia hosting mostly because of Emil's amazing support..
When he left to start his own hosting company BytesBlas (now HArub...Lire la suiteik) I followed --- there's no way I was losing that support!
I've been hosting sites since 1998 and have worled with perhaps a 100 hosting companies --- generally they were a nightmare: quick to take your money and slow to help you when you need support NOW.
Emil is that rare breed that will help you quickly resolve any problem, help with migration or email or technical problems.
Every single time I've had a problem I've come away happy with a smile on my face --- sometimes I get him on chat just to shoot the breeze and cheer me up. B-)
I've hosted with a great many of the smallest and largest names in hosting, and heartily recommend HArubik to anyone who is tired of problems and poor support and wants an amazing hosting experience.
Need a feature not on the site -- talk to Emil on chat and chances are he'll make it happen for you quickly and at reasonable cost.

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Managed 1 25 GB 1 noyau 1 GB Illimité 30,00 € 10 Détails
Managed 2 50 GB 1 noyau 2 GB Illimité 50,00 € 10 Détails
Managed 4 80 GB 2 noyaux 4 GB Illimité 90,00 € 10 Détails
Managed 8 160 GB 4 noyaux 8 GB Illimité 170,00 € 10 Détails

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