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Stephen Metcalfe
Stephen Metcalfe depuis France,

I would rather have given a zero

I would rather have given a zero than a one. I have just tried to transfer a domain from networksolutions to another registrar. Because the domain hosted my primary email, I changed my email details to avoid problems with any tran...Lire la suitesfer, and then proceeded to get an authorisation code for the transfer which they duly gave me. Having given me the authorisation code, they then told me that my account was locked for 60 days because I had changed my registrant details. They could have given me the option to over-ride the 60 day lock (according to ICANN), but didn't. Result, despite complaining to networksolutions and ICANN, I have to wait 60 days because networksolutions use 'sharp' practice and ICANN cannot intervene. The real feedback, is don't use these sharks.
The best of it was, my domain was registered for the next two years, so they aren't even hanging on to the domain for financial gain. It's just them being petty and vindictive.
Arnold Bow
Arnold Bow depuis Australie,


Took money from account when service was not active. When asking why I was being falsely charged they avoided questions. In order to delete my account I had to call a number provided, this number directed me to a dentists office. ...Lire la suiteAll other numbers on their site did not connect. Customer service basically ignored all my questions and could not properly explain why I am being charged for a service that is not even active. Avoid at all costs. Also their prices are not accurately described, they make it seem like it's just a small payment but will continue to charge you even after the domain expires and literally doesn't work.Moins
Ray Carofano
Ray Carofano depuis États-Unis,

The Worst

This is one of those companies that gets the worst reviews and chargers the highest prices.
Their prices are over the top! For a 5 years domain name renewal they want $ 184.95.
GoDaddy and most, if not all oth...Lire la suiteer authorized registrars, that gets good reviews charge
around $50.00 for 5 years. What’s even worse is that your forced to use the Domain
Expiration Protection which means you have to give them your credit card or PayPal
information so they can automatically take your money for the next 5 years and you won’t
know how much they are going to take out, which will be about twice the price. The only way
you will know is when you get your credit card statement or email from PayPal. Once they
have your domain name you are not getting it back. If you try to transfer your domain name
to a decent affordable registrar you will go through hell, not worth it. I am giving up my
domain name after 30 years with N.S. and going to GoDaddy. If you are considering Network
Solutions I would highly suggest you look up reviews.
Leni Gray-wilson
Leni Gray-wilson depuis États-Unis,

Evil Host

They do everything they can to block your success. They tell you can hold a site with your original name but when you transport your new name, they say the domain cain't be changed after paying for the transfer. Then they take the...Lire la suite name used to hold the site and apply it over the new name you are trying to use. The keep charging multiple times to your account for one service, they charged me for one service 5 times. I paid to get the SSL certificate but now I have no certificate .Moins
Jay Smith
Jay Smith depuis États-Unis,

Garbage company

Avoid this company like the plague. I simply registered two domain names, without privacy protection which was fine. I then wanted to accomplish the simple task of changing the address on my WHOIS information as it was incorrect. ...Lire la suiteUpon trying to do it on their website, I ran into a Java error when pressing the submit button on the form. Calling into support is a total nightmare. They don't pick up for at least 15-20 minutes everytime I've called in - sometimes even longer. Half the representatives you speak to are clueless about what's going on and have no idea what to do, so they open an email ticket. I've been on the same email ticket for over a month now with no results - my WHOIS information still can't be changed. I thought this was one of the simplest things to do to a domain, but apparently not with Network Solutions. I have transferred my domains to another registrar with no problems.Moins
Megan Calahan
Megan Calahan depuis États-Unis,

SCAM - Worst Customer Experience I have Every Received

I was trying to start building a website with Network Solutions, they made me purchase the domain name before even beginning the process of building. So, I put in my information. The process to build is extremely involved and less...Lire la suite than user-friendly. I am looking to go to another provider with better customer service and a more user-friendly interface. I contacted support, after spending 45 on the phone I had my domain (un) registered with them and it was supposed to be released. 2 weeks later they still have it and they say that it won't expire until next year. I tried contacting customer support but I continue to get an automated system for all (5) numbers they have listed to call. Did I mention the automated system says customer support is only open Monday - Friday? Super confusing, worst experience ever and I will blast this across all review channels until I get a response back. This is Ridiculous!Moins
Weinsberg sandy
Weinsberg sandy depuis Thaïlande,
Moved from ChemiCloud

Gros Voleurs!!!!!????

Au départ pour réserver votre nom de domaine on vous demande 12€,ensuite 10€/mois.
Mais très vite la note augmente,pour ensuite vous couper le site site si vous payez pas,même souvent vous devez payer deux fois la fois,et biensur...Lire la suite impossible de les joindre ma e-mail,car pour nous habitant en Thailand c’est impossible par téléphone.
Je déconseille fortement cet hébergeur

Prix , plans et caractéristiques de Network Solutions - 2021

Offres d'hébergement partagé

Nom de l'offre Stockage Bande passante Panneau de commande Nombre de sites Tarif Score
Web Hosting (Bandwith unlimited) 300 GB Illimité cPanel Illimité 2,58 € 2.6 Détails

Plans d'hébergement VPS

Nom de l'offre Stockage CPU RAM SE Tarif Score
VPS Essential Hosting 10 GB - 512 MB 34,50 € 2.2 Détails
VPS Professional Hosting 50 GB - 512 MB 69,00 € 2.6 Détails

Offres SSL

Nom de l'offre Caractéristiques Garantie Tarif Score
Domain Validation
256-bit encryption
Issuance time - minutes
24/7 live support
8 624,75 € 60,36 € 2.6 Détails
Full Organization Validation
256-bit encryption
Site seal
Issuance time - 2-4 business days
24/7 live support
43 123,75 € 119,88 € 2.4 Détails
Fast Organization Validation
256-bit encryption
Issuance time - 1 business day
Site seal
24/7 live support
862 475,00 € 194,06 € 2.6 Détails
Unlimited sub-domains
256-bit encryption
Issuance time - 1 business day
Site seal
24/7 live support
862 475,00 € 559,75 € 2.6 Détails
More signs of security
256-bit encryption
Issuance time - 4-5 business days
Site seal
Extended Validation (EV)
Green address browser bar
24/7 live support
862 475,00 € 473,50 € 2.6 Détails

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