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Administrador Dominios
Administrador Dominios depuis République dominicaine,

Shameless Business

We have been using since 1996, as a small website design business we opted for the reseller account. For 24 months we have suffered the decline of its support and its service in general.

For more than a year, our CMS ...Lire la suitehas been indicating that the version of PHP 7.2.26 on our servers was out of date and that it would soon be obsolete and no longer supported.

Since then we have repeatedly contacted Site5 technical support requesting they to inform the date when they would update the PHP version. His answer was always not being able to guarantee when they would.

About 4 months ago we were informed that the servers would not receive the PHP update and that we would inevitably have to switch to a higher plan with a higher price. Which we opposed and started migrating our websites, which would take us several months.

Oh surprise, last month we received, without notice, an invoice with a 20% increase, when we claimed they informed us that we had to pay the adjustment.

We took opportunity and asked again if with the increase they would update the version of PHP to what again they brazenly answered us that we should change to a higher plan.

If this is not a shameless / scoundrel company, what can you call it?
Richard S Hervieux
Richard S Hervieux depuis États-Unis,

They suck. See the below tech chat........ They forgot to repoint the DNS during the IX migration

• Tech Support: Website Issues does not work. Been down. I have a really irate customer. I fell asleep waiting over an hour for one of you slackers to even answer a live chat.
My Support Code: 508238-20725...Lire la suite5
So now the wait begins........
This belongs to a funeral home They cannot post visitation times because you people cANNOT EVEN KEEP A SITE UP
I love that your 15 minute clock takes over 45 minutes......
• M
Moulya joined
• M
Hello Richard, Thank you for contacting Live Chat. My name is Moulya.
• R
• M
Thank you for the support code.
Let me check your domains, Could you please be on hold for 3-4 minutes while I check this for you?
• R
why not....I have been trying all day to get someone
• M
I could see that domain is still pointing to old server due to which domain DNS is not getting resolved. Let me update the whole DNS for you and once it is updated, it will take 4-6 hours for the propagation and once the propagation is done, domain will work fine, Could you please be on hold for 3-4 minutes while I do this for you?
• R
why did this happen?
Please wait for the next available agentYou will be connected to an agent within 5 minutes...

• Since your account is migrated to us, there is a server change so we need to update the DNS to us.
• R
so how do you plan to deal with the customer I am losing because your company didnt do their job?
what are you going to do about the money I am losing bacause a customer is leaving?
what are you going to do about the bad review I have now online??
• M
I can understand Richard, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. I have updated the DNS and domains should be working fine within 4-6 hours.
• R
so answer my questions.......rhis is a business
you didnt do your job
not you but the idiots you work for
you better have someone from that cartoon of a hosting company call me and tell me how they plan to take care of this
• fortunately I copied this conversation so I can post all over the world so everyone can beware of doing anything with such an incompetent company
you didnt send anything. I am looking ar every email I have received from you......nice try
who is the CEO of that cartoon? I am just going to let our attorneys feal with you
you people are morally bankrupt
• M
Richard , I can totally understand your concern and I am just a chat agent and our migration team has taken care of it and we are pleased to help you in all the way possible. I will be passing your concerns to the migration team and let the management know about this and have them updated. We are sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused to you/
Also, now that the issue has been resolved, I would suggest you to verify the website after the propagation time and everything should be back to normal.
• R
I never gave permission for IX to give you anything.....I knew how terrible site5 is....if I knew ahead of time they were giving you my important files I would have moved them. Now you have ruined a customer relationship that was 10 years old
• M
Since the sudden shutdown of the servers on the IX servers has caused this drastic change in the situation and we are trying our best to have it resolved.
I can understand how you are feeling right now and I ask sorry on behalf of the IX and migration team.
Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
• R
well you should have thought about that before you bought the business. If you werent capable of handling it you never should have taken it on. I will be expecting a call form your mismanagement team. Meanwhile I am going to tell the world about your incompetence
Please wait for the next available agentYou will be connected to an agent within 5 minutes...
Jeremy John
Jeremy John depuis États-Unis,

Worst in the industry

These guys went from great to so bad it should be illegal. Constant problems, customer service tickets take over a week to get response. They've billed me four times for the same SSL certificate and refuse to refund. I've been a s...Lire la suiteite5 reseller for 12 years and they used to be amazing. The second they got bought out by the crooks that currently own them it all came crashing down. Don't stay away from them - run as fast as you can screaming your head off!Moins
Dany Alicaba
Dany Alicaba depuis Philippines,

F*** this company!

They could not handle newsblog website. Their resources is very limited, our boss got piss of because our newsblog website always get crashed due to high visit. Also on their reseller plan, you cannot open your wordpress dashboard...Lire la suite area, you have to wait and refresh after few minutes to open the dashboard. I regret purchasing their services plan.Moins
Marion Lynk

A Total disgrace

I have been a customer with Site 5 for nearly ten years. I used their backstage area to manage domains for myself and my clients ( I built a few websites for customers) as well as family members and friends who needed help organis...Lire la suiteing domains.
From the backstage console, I could purchase, renew, cancel, and manage all the domains easily.

In the past six months the system has changed significantly. Now, domains are set by default on "auto renew". They now bill you direct to your card weeks before the renewal is due.
As I have quite a few domains I do need to know when payment is due. So I went in to the console to change the renewals to manual. When later I tried to pay for one of these, on checkout I was sent to at "select a hosting plan" page. You cannot renew your domain manually without purchasing hosting!!! Whether you need it or not.
I contacted live chat and they eventually sent me an invoice but I will be moving all my domains.
Their new system is nothing more than a cheap grab for money because you will be a) billed in advance whether you want it or not and b)unable to manually renew or purchase a domain without buying their dodgy hosting plans.

Really a disgraceful and sleazy way to treat customers.
Zer Brahim
Zer Brahim depuis Algérie,

c'est plus le support au quel site5 nous a abitué

nous avons un site héberger chez site5, suspendu suite a hack,
suite a une faille dans l'open source utilisé, et dont la sécurité de site5 est mise en cause aussi,
le site est suspendu depuis voila 45 jours, et nous avons décidé de changer d'hébergeur.
pour ma part je le déconseille.

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hostBasic Illimité Illimité cPanel Illimité 4,37 € 2.7 Détails
hostPro Illimité Illimité cPanel Illimité 7,90 € 2.6 Détails
hostPro + Turbo Illimité Illimité cPanel Illimité 10,54 € 3.2 Détails

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VPS2 50 GB 2 noyaux 1 GB 48,52 € 2.0 Détails
VPS3 75 GB 2 noyaux 1.5 GB 70,58 € 2.0 Détails
VPS4 100 GB 4 noyaux 2 GB 92,63 € 2.0 Détails
VPS5 155 GB 4 noyaux 3 GB 132,33 € 3.1 Détails
VPS6 200 GB 4 noyaux 4 GB 149,97 € 2.8 Détails
VPS7 300 GB 4 noyaux 6 GB 220,55 € 3.1 Détails
VPS8 400 GB 8 noyaux 8 GB 286,72 € 3.1 Détails

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