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Zynoo Hosting, a company based in Sofia, Bulgaria, is quickly moving up the list of international hosting companies. Their dedication to combining quality and cost stands out, and as a result, they are drawing in discriminating customers and becoming a hot issue in the hosting industry.
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Top Offshore Hosting 2023
  • Hébergements partagés 5,56 € - 13,97 €
  • VPS 6,53 € - 42,03 €
  • Serveur Dédié 36,44 € - 176,57 €
Servers locations
  • Sofia
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is offshore hosting?

Offshore hosting is a web hosting service where the server and data of the hosting provider are located in a different country than the client’s location. In simple terms, offshore hosting refers to websites hosted on foreign servers. This is often because of privacy laws, security, or to evade certain legal regulations.

Why is there a free hosting provider and no free DMCA hosting?

This is because free web hosting services are used as a marketing strategy to encourage new customers or provide basic features to businesses who want to build an online presence but have a limited budget.

However, DMCA hosting requires higher technicalities based on the type of website content hosted on the server. As a result, standard policies and procedures must be established to mitigate requests related to copyright infringement. Also, hiring legal practitioners and the hassle of implementing these policies come at no reasonable charge.

How much is offshore hosting?

Offshore hosting costs differ depending on the web host and its pricing packages. Zynoo Hosting offshore shared hosting plan has a fixed price of $5.95. Ultrahost costs $2.90/mo, and BlueAngelHost is the most affordable, starting at $1.95/mo.

Read more about our top 5 offshore hosting providers.


Which of the countries are best for offshore hosting?

Russia and the Netherlands are best for offshore hosting. Nearby countries like Bulgaria are also excellent choices. This is because they prioritize data privacy, cheaper electricity, and proximity to other countries in the EU. They also accept cryptocurrency payments, which is ideal for offshore web hosting servers.

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