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Hébergements partagés 2,49 € - 4,99 €
VPS 6,99 € - 24,99 €
Serveur Dédié 45,00 € - 199,99 €

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Nous avons pris le temps de vérifier personnellement et anonymement le service client de chaque entreprise.
Le "Badge of excellence" a été décerné à des entreprises d'hébergement Web respecté l'hôte qui suit des normes élevées de service de conseils au client, ce qui garantit que le service soit rapide, efficace, perspicace et surtout, utile. This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test

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Tommy HAYES depuis Madagascar,

Attention : Vos données peuvent être effacées sans préavis !

Cloud T40
J'ai à peine utilisé leur service (pour quelques heures) et sans aucun préavis ni explication, ils ont annulé le service ! Des données ont donc été perdues ! Après une demande d'explication par mail, on m'a juste répondu : "Based ...Lire la suiteon our external verification process we have determined at this time that we are unable to offer you services."
Heureusement qu'ils m'ont remboursé. Mais le temps perdu ne se rembourse pas...
TurnKey Internet
TurnKey Internet,

Our third-party Payment Monitoring services flagged your transaction as High Risk, therefore requiring additional verification. Unfortunately, you declined to submit the additional verification requirements, and per our ...Lire la suiteterms, we promptly refunded your order. If you have any additional questions, you can reach us at sales@turnkeyinternet.net

Best Regards,
\"Unfortunately, you declined to submit the additional verification requirements, and per our terms, we promptly refunded your order.\"
That is NOT true. You didn\'t ask me for any additional verification at all !
And if...Lire la suite any transaction seems to be as \"High Risk\", you should have declined the order at the very beginning !
Or at least, give me warning and give me little time to let me back up any important data before canceling the service.
Moreover, I\'ve always paid by paypal on many companies like contabo, lws, firstheberg, cloudfordream without any problem.

P.S: By the way, for people looking for cheap and good VPS, I recommend Contabo, they seem to be the best !
TurnKey Internet
TurnKey Internet,
I appreciate the frank comments and feedback, and while it does pain me to hear we may have fallen short of expectations, it is very helpful so that we can improve on areas to ensure our goals of providing the absolute best qualit...Lire la suitey network, online service and customer experience. We regret that our payment processing partners provided high risk indications on the order - as mentioned a number of factors are taken into account. We regret that any misunderstanding in communication, or any emails sent to or from you may have been missed due to filters, or other reasons - but we do our best to promptly communicate.

Our client safety is of the highest important and requires us to limit or remove access in cases of new orders with high risk, and refund them if we are unable to satisfactorily verify new orders. This is not only protects you, from someone possibly misusing your identity - but also to protect our other valued clients on our network that rely on a clean, high performing and reliable network neighborhood not filled with possible fraudulent users causing abuse such as malware, spam, and network attacks from high risk / un-verified accounts.

We sincerely wish you the best wherever your hosting adventure lands you.

Have a Blessed Day

Prix , plans et caractéristiques de TurnKey Internet - 2022

Offres d'hébergement partagé

Nom de l'offre Stockage Bande passante Panneau de commande Nombre de sites Tarif Score
C10 cPanel Hosting Illimité Illimité cPanel 10 2,49 € 6.2 Détails
Unlimited cPanel Hosting Illimité Illimité cPanel Illimité 4,99 € 5.4 Détails

Plans d'hébergement VPS

Nom de l'offre Stockage CPU RAM SE Tarif Score
BF2 Cloud VPS 40 GB 2 noyaux 4 GB 6,99 € 4.0 Détails
BF4 Cloud VPS 80 GB 4 noyaux 8 GB 12,99 € 2.0 Détails
BF8 Cloud VPS 160 GB 8 noyaux 16 GB 24,99 € 6.2 Détails

Offres de serveur dédié

Nom de l'offre Stockage CPU RAM SE Tarif Score
Dual Octa-Core Dedicated Server 240 GB 32 x 2.20GHz 16 GB 69,00 € 10 Détails
10G Dual Octa-Core Dedicated Server 240 GB 32 x 2.20GHz 16 GB 79,00 € 6.2 Détails
Dell PowerEdge Dual Hexa-Core CPUs 240 GB 24 x 2.20GHz 8 GB 45,00 € 6.2 Détails
Dell PowerEdge Dual Octa-Core CPUs 240 GB 32 x 2.20GHz 128 GB 199,99 € 6.2 Détails

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