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  • Fiabilité
    8.3 / 10
  • Tarif
    8.1 / 10
  • Convivialité
    8.2 / 10
  • Assistance
    8.4 / 10
  • Caractéristiques
    8.4 / 10

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Velbao COM
  • Fiabilité2
  • Tarif8
  • Convivialité4
  • Assistance2
  • Caractéristiques8

Mauvaise qualité & Très nombreux soucis

Service utilisé: Serveur Dédié - Essential
Je poste rarement des avis, mais après avoir configurer 3 fois le server, j'ai fait appel à un webmaster pro qui na pas réussi a faire fonctionné le server. (Le serveur est en ligne mais impossible d'installer wp ou autre. Le serv...Lire la suite
pierre M
  • Fiabilité2
  • Tarif2
  • Convivialité4
  • Assistance2
  • Caractéristiques2


Service utilisé: VPS - VPS-2000HA-S
Moved from OVH.com
très cher, le chat répond mais ne sais pas donner les réponses. La qualité est tombée très rapidement.

SI votre site envoi un mail oubliez, tous vos mails se retrouveront en spam chez gmail et ne seront même pas desservis sur y...Lire la suite


Service Fourchette de prix
Shared Hosting 3,53 € - 12,38 € Voir les plans
VPS 22,12 € - 53,10 € Voir les plans
Dedicated Server 93,56 € - 459,87 € Voir les plans
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Avis d'expert sur InMotion Hosting 2019

Rédigé par: Yuriy Gandyak

Note de InMotion Hosting

  • Fiabilité
    8.8 / 10
  • Tarif
    9 / 10
  • Convivialité
    7 / 10
  • Assistance
    7.5 / 10
  • Caractéristiques
    8 / 10
Noté par Yuriy Gandyak

Robust Offerings for Small Businesses

InMotion Hosting has been around for a little less than two decades now, and during this time it has carved out a nice niche for itself as a web host for small and medium businesses. The company is based in the US, and you can choose to be connected to a server nearest to you (there is one on each coast). For American websites looking to boast from local providers, it’s a nice bonus, but the uptick in website speech will be negligible. The biggest selling point for InMotion is that they have robust offerings which appeal to businesses, so even if you are quite small now, you can afford their services and stay with this web host when your traffic goes through the roof and your bandwidth demands increase. All of their plans – even the most basic – give you unlimited bandwidth and disc space, solid SEO credits, periodic website backups, and many other helpful features.

Uptime & Reliability


Reliable, but with A History of Hacking

When it comes to reliability it’s necessary to mention an incident that happened back in 2011. Over 70.000 websites hosted by InMotion were hacked and rendered unusable. These kinds of things happen, but it sure made an impact on the company. Even though they fixed the problem and enhanced their security many of their users were deeply disappointed and this has left a negative impact on the company overall. Now, to boost safety, InMotion automatically backs up all websites with up to 10 GB of disk space. This would be a life-saver if you were hacked, or if your files were somehow corrupted. On a more positive note, when it comes to the provider’s uptime, it’s safe to say that they have a high standard. The number is spot-on and you can expect a 99.95% uptime at all times.



It’s Business Time

E-commerce is the name of the game with InMotion, as all hosting packages give great e-commerce products and support. This means that if you want to do business, this is the right provider for you. Not only do you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but you also get unlimited email addresses, servers optimized for business, many blogging platforms to choose from, free SSL certificates ready, and flawless e-commerce plugins. If you want to set up a blog or an online store, InMotion provides the convenience of Content Management Systems and at-hand shopping cart setups. If you are not as experienced, you might find all of these choices a bit confusing. However, if you need something more basic for running a single domain, you can start with their Launch package, and if you are running more than three websites, then Power or Pro would be the right choice for you. Nevertheless, their customer support will be here to guide you and back up your decision.
Feature Description
Disk SpaceUnlimited monthly data transfer is allowed even with the basic package.
BandwidthUnlimited disk space is allowed, even with the basic package.t
Website BuilderThere are two site builder to choose from: Premium Website Builder can create simple websites easily, and higher-tier plans allow you to add in e-commerce products.
Email AccountsUnlimited email addresses are allowed, even with the basic package.t
Shopping CartsBasic plans can use Google Checkout, and higher-tier plans can add ZenCart, CubeCart or osCommerce.
StatsAWStats is used to report on website traffic.
MySQL databasesThe basic package is limited to 2, though the pro-level package allows for 500 MySQL databases per account.
FTP AccountThe basic package limits users to 1,000 FTP users, but in the pro-level package, an unlimited nmber of FTP users are allowed.
Multiple DomainsFor the basic plan, youu2019re allowed 2 websites and 6 domains, and with the pro-level package, youu2019re allowed 25 websites and unlimited domains.t



Excellent Support

The well-trained support staff has a lot going for it and responding to issues in a timely manner is one of their strong points. The Support Center has a great selection of tutorials if you’re into that kind of thing. Moreover, you can contact their support via the phone number listed on their website, through a ticketing system, Skype, live chat and email. With their 90-day money-back guarantee you can easily cancel your account if you are not satisfied with their service.



Well-Priced, Especially for VPS & Dedicated Servers

InMotion offers shared business hosting, managed and self-managed VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers. All of their plans are priced well, considering the useful features you are getting. If you’re considering a VPS or Dedicated Host, InMotion’s prices are fantastic. Starting from $24.99 (managed VPS) or $19/99 (self-managed VPS), you get backups every 24 hours. You pay more for more bandwidth and disk space, but that makes sense, doesn’t it? The dedicated server packages start from $99.99month, which is more than a competitive price, and you start off with 8 GB of RAM, 5 dedicated IP addresses, and 500GB of disk space. You can obviously pay more and get more allowances. Therefore, if you are willing to spend more money to get some of the best services, you can get their CC-2000 package that costs $489.99 per month. It’s amazing that over time their prices went down, but their features have only improved. This is not something you see on a regular basis. With so many options, you get to choose whatever fits you the best. Fortunately, they also have some great discounts.

User Friendly


Businesslike, But Easy to Use

InMotion is all business in function and fashion. Even the directions are pretty dry, but everything is clear as day, and you should be able to maneuver through the website without issues. They also don’t try to sneak in any pre-checked offers when you’re placing your order. You get cPanel with InMotion and plenty of tutorials to get started. Jump in and take advantage of the excellent products at hand: e-commerce, SEO credits, and a nice marketing suite.


If you’re a business looking for strong features, a focus on e-commerce, free daily backup, and a web host to provide VPS or Dedicated Hosting now, or some time down the road, InMotion may be perfect for you. Pros:
  • Experienced support and Education Channels
  • Lots of ready solutions for blogs and businesses
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disc space
  • Good price policy
  • A limited number of websites databases available in “Launch” plan
  • Power tier necessary for ecommerce
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We had our Secret Shopper compare InMotion to 4 other leading hosting companies to check how easy it is to cancel an account. They have a reasonable cancellation process. Watch this video to learn more.


Prix , plans et caractéristiques de InMotion Hosting - 2019

Offres d'hébergement partagé

Nom de l'offre Stockage Bande passante Tarif Score
Illimité Illimité 3,53 € 7.0
Illimité Illimité 4,95 € 3.3
Illimité Illimité 12,38 € 5.6

Plans d'hébergement VPS

Nom de l'offre Stockage RAM SE Tarif Score
75 GB 4 GB 22,12 € 5.2
150 GB 6 GB 35,40 € 2.4
260 GB 8 GB 53,10 € 3.6

Offres de serveur dédié

Nom de l'offre Stockage RAM SE Tarif Score
1000 GB 8 GB 93,56 € 4.8
1.95 TB 16 GB 147,56 € 8.3
3.91 TB 32 GB 211,56 € 8.3
1000 GB 16 GB 301,85 € 8.3
1.95 TB 32 GB 366,92 € 8.3
2.93 TB 64 GB 459,87 € 8.3
Un domaine gratuit est inclus lors de l'achat d'un service d'hébergement de InMotion Hosting

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